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Smart City Consulting
& Services Integration

Technological & Global Solutions is a company dedicated to the integration of technological solutions aimed at promoting the smart and sustainable city. We do it with technological innovation to modernize the cities and facilitate the mobilization and citizen information but also public safety, productivity as well as the optimization of resources.

Our Services

Our Servuces

This process aims to identify the expectations of our customers in relation to business objectives... 


Our Engineering Department, with a plenty staff of experts, seek to design; based on the result of the assessment...

Project Management

As an added value, our Project Management Office guaranty the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling...


Right after the implementation process, we always give our customers the possibility to manage...

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Department provides technical assistance to our customers 24/7/365...

Ready to find out more?

TGS is a technology company truly committed to the environment. All our solutions seek to not only optimize the use of natural, human resources, but also aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens. As for example our "Car Pooling" solution specially developed to provide public institutions and corporations with a solution to safe and economical transportation for their employees. In addition to helping solve the difficult balance of the neutral carbon equation.


Our solutions are also focused on providing greater public safety and road safety with our traffic control and artificial intelligence solutions.


Did you know that 30% of urban traffic represents the number of motorists in the search for parking space? Our solution to guide public parking permits to reduce the congestion caused by the stay of this type of traffic.


In addition our electronic payment solutions allow users to avoid unnecessary travel to resolve payment or collection situations. Or simply to be used as a method of payment for public transport services, public parking, tolls, which makes us the indispensable "partner" for the management of remittances.


Finally, with our real-time air quality monitoring solution, we are able to deliver to the public authorities a cartography of the city's pollution sources to establish corrective action plans.


All our ability to integrate such heterogeneous and diverse solutions is based on the autonomy of being able to execute solutions designed and developed by our own technical team to solve a market problem or a customer need, as well as the autonomy to establish relationships with, and having the support, of the best manufacturers, "start up" and companies with international experience.

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