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Smart Solutions
for Your City or Industry

Traffic & Transport
  • Solution for charging tolls and smart parking

  • Urban Traffic Monitoring and Guidance System

  • Road Safety & Citizen Information System (PMV)

  • Solution of Level Crossings - Crossing of Train

  • Car Pooling solution "DameRIDE"

Traffic and Transport
Smart Grid
  • Infrastructure for Intelligent Measurements of Light and Water 

  • Public Safety Management Solution

  • Remote Management Solution for Public Lighting (Smart Lighting)

Electronic Payment
  • Development and Operation of Prepaid Platform for Smart Water and Energy Meters GRID IQ (

  • Solution Proximity Card, NFC, TAG (Public transport payment, tolls, parking)

  • Virtual Wallet Platform

Internet of Things
  • Noise Measurement System and Air Quality Control

  • Inflow and Localization Counts for Shopping Centers

  • Smart Positioning System & Smart Address

  • Intelligent System for Efficient Garbage Collection

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